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Model Airplanes and much more

The model collection at Aiken’s Airplanes encompasses all types of diecast, mahogany and plastic aircraft, broken down into three categories: Jet Aircraft, Propeller Aircraft and Helicopter. Our Jet Aircraft and Propeller Aircraft categories are then laid out even further in subcategories like Jet Transport, Propeller Bomber and Propeller Fighter, etc. So whether it’s one of the more popular types like the F4U Corsair that you are looking for or one of the more rare ones like the Z.506B Airone (CANT), we at the A Team hope you can explore our wide range of limited-edition products better, while also being able to narrow in on your desired type aircraft. We hope that this search feature is a fluid addition to the ordering process and puts even the most savvy of collectors on the right track!

Aiken's Airplanes was founded in 1997 so that collectors worldwide could have a source of aviation collectibles that they could easily go to in order to expand their personal collections. It was our original intention to offer the best aviation collectibles available with personalized service and competitive pricing! Many years later we are still guided by that mission statement!

Having grown up in an airline family (dad flew for Eastern Airlines) and closing in on retirement with my own airline career, I as well as my family are all airplane nuts. We feel that our own passion for aviation and the collecting hobby carries over into our business.

Aiken’s Airplanes collectors have come to expect live, toll free phone interaction, prompt email replies and prompt shipping (usually same day)! We understand that this hobby is all about enjoying the experience and therefore we continually strive to ensure that you have that good experience.